We had a lot of fun and magical moments watching Disney On Ice Live Your Dreams at SM MOA Arena last Sunday, December 22. It was one of the event we are anticipating before this year ends. It’s our first time to see this show and I’ve been bugging myself to watch it ever since my son started watching Disney movies. I know he can relate to the show plus he gets to meet and see them perform live. That being said, you can feel our excitement.

We’ve got lower box premium tickets. Thank you SM and Disney On Ice for complimentary tickets.
Warm Welcome From Pooh and Tigger


Winnie the Pooh and Tigger welcomed the audience before the start of the show. This unfortunately we missed. I know there’s a pre-show from Pooh and his friends but unluckily we got caught up from buying snacks before going to our seats.

Beauty and the Beast
Miguel From Disney and Pixar’s Coco
Dancing to it’s original song “Un Poco Loco”, Miguel which is his first live appearance on the said show here in Manila, uncover the value of family and being true to yourself, in his journey to the mystical Land of the Dead. It was a very brief performance, but the main character performed amazing skating tricks.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
This is one of my favorite act from the show. This performance will leave you in awe. I love the part where Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, floats to the air and performed aerial silk dancing.

There were several lucky kids from the audience who rode an electrifying on-ice cart during “I’ve Got A Dream” segment. A single lucky audience member will get the opportunity to help Rapunzel and Flynn release the lantern and watch it float in the air to complete the lantern-studded night sky while dancing to the song of “I See The Light.” One thing that amazed me during this segment is to see Maximus, the castle horse. I can’t imagine how hard it is to skate in that costume.

Elsa and Anna of Frozen
This is my favorite segment of the show. My son was so excited to see Olaf skating. Almost all of the songs from the movie was sang and performed. I loved the snow effects and Elsa’s performance of “Let It Go.”  Aside from the 2 main characters, audience will get to see Kristoff and Hans which will add spice to the story.

Moana and Maui
Last but not totally the least is the story of Moana. It is one with the longest performance of the show. They almost sang all of it’s soundtrack too. It’s amazing how kids and even adults sing along to the songs. Though you will not see Maui transformed into an eagle, there were amazing special effects like the segment where Moana and demi-god Maui tried to get his hook from Tamatoa, a giant coconut crab. While singing “Shiny,” the entire arena was filled with sparkling and moving lights which is super cool. Another cool performance where Moana met Te Fiti to return its heart, there were real fire on the skating rink.

I was surprised and never thought I’ll see Gramma Tala (Moana’s grandmother) on the show. It was almost a complete cast which I’m pretty sure, your kids will love to see their favorite character.

Tips and Reminders:
⛸️ Make sure to arrive early like 2 hours before the show as much as possible.
⛸️ Check your seats as soon as you arrive. When we arrived, someone occupied our seats. Luckily the organizer followed me and asked them to vacant the seats.
⛸️ Any food or drinks from outside are not allowed.
⛸️Don’t waste your time buying snacks from the entrance. If only I knew there were other food stalls upstairs, I will buy from different stall.
⛸️ Make yourself full prior going to the show. It’s obvious that the food inside is expensive. Just bring extra money if you know you can’t resist buying toys, souvenirs and food.

Make sure to visit PLDT activity booth before watching the show. Kids will enjoy the activities, photo-op and if you finished all of it, you can claim a prize. Look how cute this souvenir we got from PLDT.

It was indeed a memorable moment from me and my son. We will definitely wait and see for the upcoming Disney On Ice show. You still have a chance to watch them until January 5. For the list of dates and ticket prices, you can check my previous post, just click here.