When I get there, I can see how they are very strict and exclusively choose who can enter the Megatrade Hall. I thought few people will be attending this event since it’s Thursday but I was wrong. When I got there, it was already crowded.
Here are some of the participating brands/exhibitors.They were on a Pirate Theme this year and their uniform looks adorable. Anyway, people stayed long hours looking for baby gears and it is almost impossible to pass by. To be honest, I waited for this event to buy baby gears because I know they’ll give great discount.

I got free mommy kit from Cycles and additional freebies from Cradle by liking and sharing their facebook fan page. Isn’t that amazing?

Cetaphil Baby products caught my attention because they are always out of stock in all supermarket that I go. You will get a bundle of 400 ml. Cetaphil Daily Lotion and 230 ml. Cetaphil GentleWash and Shampoo for less than P569. Last time I check, the lotion alone cost almost P800. Great deal right? Plus the bundle comes with 50 ml. Ultra Moisturising Bath & Wash and 50 ml. Baby Oil. If you get two, you will have a free bag. It’s a good thing that I shopped alone because it’ll be really hard for me to stay focus on the things that I should buy with an 8 month-old baby and impatient husband. Don’t get me wrong but “matagal akong magshopping.” I have to check all areas, compare prices and quality before deciding on what I should buy. Well I guess other moms can relate with me.

#1 If this preview shopping exclusive to card holders is already jam-packed with so many buyers plus it’s Thursday afternoon, what more on Saturday?
#2 I get to see all available items. If I get back on Saturday, I’m afraid I’ll hear them saying “no more stocks available.”
#3 I remember from my friend experience that last day buyers got lesser items/freebies on their swap bag.So here’s my shopping cart fully loaded of newly bought baby stuff. I really took advantage of their great discount and with so much joy I wasn’t able to stick to our budget plan. I bought a stroller, playpen, carrier, foam mat, 1 carton of mamy poko diaper, 1 box of organic baby wipes, comforter, pillow, stoller pad and height chart. Based on my research I saved 6K for all this items. Who wouldn’t love that?

Lastly, here’s my swap bag.